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Dec. 5th, 2016

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Jun. 7th, 2010

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Hey there, all.

For those of you who use Tumblr, I have created a loli secrets community. Please feel free to submit secrets at any time. =)


May. 25th, 2010


LARGE SIZES. Baby JSK, Metamorphose skirt, F+F Cutsew, and F+F blousesCollapse )

Feb. 22nd, 2010

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Ask me questions and stuff.

Jul. 22nd, 2009

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I haven't been involved with lolita for a while, so forgive me if this is some common knowledge.

In order to check to see if something is still in stock on japanese sites I'd always click the item, if it went in the cart I could order it.

Everytime I try this on BSSB's webpage I get this block of text:

恐れ入りますが、BABY,THE STARS SHINE BRIGHTは現在メンテナンスの為、閉店中です。

I can't read Japanese, so I eventually decided to run it through a translator, and got:

It is embarrassed, but BABY and THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT presently because of maintenance, are in the midst of closing. We apply annoyance, but now please wait for a while.

Which means the purchasing option is down for maintenance? What?

Jun. 21st, 2007

(no subject)

Interesting, at the very least:

Advanced Big 30 Personality Test Results
Sociability ||| 9%
Aggressiveness ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 95%
Assertiveness |||||||||||||||||||||||| 76%
Activity Level |||||| 18%
Excitement-Seeking ||||||||| 22%
Enthusiasm ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 93%
Extroversion |||||||||||||||||| 52%
Trust |||||||||||||||||| 56%
Morality |||||||||||||||||||||||| 75%
Altruism |||||||||||||||||| 60%
Cooperation ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 93%
Modesty ||| 10%
Sympathy ||||||||||||||| 50%
Accommodation |||||||||||||||||| 57%
Confidence |||||||||||||||||||||||| 79%
Neatness |||||||||||||||||| 52%
Dutifulness ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 95%
Achievement |||||||||||||||||| 60%
Self-Discipline ||||||||||||||||||||| 68%
Cautiousness ||||||||||||||||||||| 62%
Orderliness ||||||||||||||||||||| 69%
Anxiety ||||||||||||||| 41%
Volatility |||||||||||| 40%
Depression ||||||||||||||| 41%
Self-Consciousness |||||||||||| 36%
Impulsiveness ||| 5%
Vulnerability |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 84%
Emotional Stability |||||||||||||||||| 59%
Imagination ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 91%
Artistic Interests ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 95%
Introspection ||||||||||||||||||||| 63%
Adventurousness |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 87%
Intellect |||||||||||||||||| 53%
Liberalism |||||||||||||||||||||||| 76%
Openmindedness |||||||||||||||||||||||| 77%
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Trait . low score high score
Sociability 9% socially reserved, detached friendly, open
Aggressiveness 95% mild mannered, uncompetitive predatory, domineering
Assertiveness 76% introverted, loner controlling, aggressive
Activity Level 18% relaxed, laid back vigorous, high energy
Excitement-Seeking 22% sedate, restrained adventurous, wild
Enthusiasm 93% somber, pessimistic cheerful, optimistic
Trust 56% suspicious of others trusting of others
Submissiveness 75% rebellious, lawless dutiful, obedient, compliant
Altruism 60% selfish, cold, austere helpful, selfless, indulgent
Cooperation 93% argumentitive, confrontational conflict averse, meek
Modesty 10% arrogant, self-satisfied humble, unassuming, doormat
Sympathy 50% callous, heartless empathetic, warm
Confidence 79% not confident in work confident in work, egoistic
Neatness 52% disorganized, messy planner, clean, anal
Dutifulness 95% dishonest, derelict honest, rule abiding, proper
Achievement 60% lazy, unmotivated driven, goal oriented
Self-Discipline 68% procrastinator responsible, efficient
Cautiousness 62% spontaneous, daring, reckless careful, controlled, safe
Anxiety 41% relaxed, fearless fearful, worrier
Volatility 40% calm, cool touchy, tempermental
Depression 41% content, balanced emotional, self hating
Self-Consciousness 36% confident, assured low self esteem, shy
Impulsiveness 5% high self control low self control
Vulnerability 84% resilient, unphased confused, helpless
Imagination 91% practical, realistic dreamer, unrealistic
Artistic Interests 95% artistic indifference art, nature, beauty lover
Introspection 63% not self reflective self searching
Adventurousness 87% conventional, safe spontaneous, bold
Intellect 53% instinctive, non-analytical intellectual, analytical
Liberalism 76% conservative, traditional progressive, open

Take Free Advanced Big 30 Personality Test
personality tests by similarminds.com

I'm currently missing Kenzie. =( But I'm looking forward to July 7th, already. ^-^ It will be amazing if we can go. I love fireworkks. ;-; I just want to be with Kenzie until morning comes, at least once. I think that would be the most amazing thing I could ever do.

I've been listening to High Hopes on endless repeat, since forever(forever being the past 2/3 days). And it's starting to make me think about things. It's such an amazing song.

I need to write somethng soon. It's maddening to not be able to sit down and actually write out a poem when I have all this free time. I have so much extra time...but I have none to actually do what I want to. 'What I want to' meaning be with Kenzie, write, join the damn gym, etc. But I was with Kenzie yesterday, and it was amazing. <3

Mar. 2nd, 2007

(no subject)

Cleaning out the friends list
If you're male and over twenty you're being deleted, even if you're someone I've known for a long time. Sorry, but I'm giving up my old self absolutely completely, and I now know that all connections must be erased. I'm sorry, but I have no interest in being anyway related to you guys. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. Unless you're bullshitwarrior. :/ You're the only trustworthy male over twenty that I know on this site
If I haven't spoken to you for a while, you're also getting the boot, unless you comment now. Thank you.

Feb. 26th, 2007

(no subject)

It's funny because I have no life.